weather ready

Weather Ready Overhead Door™

Have you started noticing a draft in your garage that wasn’t there before? Before fall is upon us, it’s time to consider a few weather ready options with your garage door!


Weather Seals

A good first line of defense from the elements is good weatherstripping around your garage door. This creates a great seal preventing unwanted air flow, and it should be routinely checked. If you’re finding puddles of water or rust on metal around or near your garage door, this is a sure sign the seal is worn out. Finally, if you feel an unwanted draft coming through your garage door, check your weatherstripping.



Beyond weathestripping, we have doors built with added insulation. Our Thermacore®doors are ideal for increased thermal efficiency. A layer of polyurethane is sandwiched between two layers of steel. You can have insulation with great design, too. Come take a look at the design options we have available!


Wind Load

Another element of weather to keep in mind is strong wind. Having a reinforced door can help protect your home. Picture that large garage door flying off its tracks, damaging your valuable assets inside. Overhead Door™ provides three different looks in the wind-load line to offer a complete look with all the added protection you need.


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