weather ready

Weather Ready Overhead Door™

Have you started noticing a draft in your garage that wasn’t there before? Before fall is upon us, it’s time to consider a few weather ready options with your garage door!


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New Year

New Year and New Ideas

Ready or not a new year is here. If you’re like us, December flew by let alone the whole year. Did you have goals to make some upgrades around your house? We sprinkled some tips here and there throughout the year for your garage. Perhaps one sparked a new plan for the New Year. Stick with us, and you may find a New Year resolution.


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power outage

Power Outage

Imagine you’re driving home with your family. It’s storming outside, and you pull into your driveway to push your garage door opener button anxious for relief from the weather outside. Nothing happens.  Must be a power outage.  No need to panic, follow these simple steps and you can open your garage door manually.


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torsion springs

Torsion Springs Explained

We’re sure might thankful your garage door stays up on its own after you’ve opened it. Plus, it doesn’t take much force to open it in the first place. Torsion springs are one of the most important working parts of your garage door system, but they can also be one of the most dangerous. You will want to keep an eye on a few things, as garage door springs require regular maintenance and care.


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buying guide

Buying Guide

Standing at the end of your driveway, have you thought about giving your garage door a little update? Maybe it hasn’t stood the test of time, isn’t functioning well anymore, or you are simply after a new look. Many options in terms of material, style, and durability exist. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Des Moines™ has put together The Great Garage Door Buying Guide.


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