Building Regulations

You’ve been dreaming about it long enough. Freeing up the space in your attached garage is the goal. It’s time to build that shed out back or an additional detached garage. But before getting started you will want to be sure you know the dos and don’ts of the Des Moines building regulations, permits, and laws.


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space saving tips

Space Saving Tips

Did you just trip over a garden hose again? Ever feel like your garage never seems to have enough space? Or have people told you that you have too much stuff? Sounds like you may just need some space saving tips for your garage. That’s right… there is a way to keep all that stuff and see the garage floor, too.


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fall garage prep

Fall Garage Prep

If you live in a colder climate, fall garage prep is all about preparing your home for winter. There are many jobs that you will not want to do once the temperature drops. At the Overhead Door of Des Moines, we want you to be prepared for winter. Here are some areas in your garage to focus on before the snow starts to fall.


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garage flooring

Garage Flooring 101

Have you looked at your garage floor lately? You’re probably not the only one who hasn’t. Many of us may not realize that this canvas has great potential. With that in mind, could your garage floor use a little TLC? Well, then welcome to Garage Flooring 101.


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Yearly Maintenance Checklist

Fall is rapidly approaching. Where do all those summer toys get stored for the long winter haul? For many of us, that may be just inside the garage. Now is a good time to spare a few minutes for your garage door. Yearly garage door maintenance is not only important for keeping your garage door in good shape, but also for keeping you and your belongings safe. At Overhead Door Company of Des Moines™, we would like to provide you with a simple checklist for yearly garage door maintenance.


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