The 3 Main Differences Between Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

At the Overhead Door Company of Des Moines, we want to help everybody satisfy their garage door needs. Normally, that means helping direct you towards a stylish, functional garage door to boost the curb appeal of your home, but did you know we also have an enormous selection of commercial garage doors? Today, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about the differences between the two.

The Size

The main difference that you notice between commercial and residential garage doors is the size. The average residential garage door is between seven and eight feet tall and eight to sixteen wide depending on whether it is a one or two-car garage. Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, can be double, or even triple, in size. For instance, our Model 600 Rolling Door is scalable up to 16×16 feet while our Stromtite Insulated Rolling Door is expandable up to 30 feet both ways. 

The Materials

While we always want you to provide you with the best product possible at the Overhead Door Company of Des Moines, we do not want you spending more than you have to. So while we could make our doors out of high-grade steel, we believe that’s only really appropriate for the commercial business world. That’s because the average wear and tear is far greater on this type of garage door. They open more (three times more per day on average when compared to a residential door) and take more damage (they are magnets for delivery trucks) than any door would in the ‘burbs.


As you might imagine, there is a difference between the cost of residential and commercial garage doors due to the higher-grade materials and the custom sizing for the larger doorways. Business owners should also factor in the cost of service. As with everything else on your custom, commercial garage door, taking care of it is going to cost a smidge more.

If you have any additional questions on how these garage doors differ, or you are a business owner looking to purchase a commercial door of your own, call the Overhead Door Company of Des Moines.

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